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Screenshot extension for Google Chrome does not require any software download.
Take and send screenshots from inside Gmail or Google Chrome!
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Fully Integrated with Gmail

Gmail Screenshot is fully integrated with your Gmail. Capture, annotate, and send screenshots all from within Gmail using this Chrome extension.

Capture Screenshots

Click “Attach Screenshot” to capture your whole screen, a single Chrome tab, or an application window. Click “Share” to open an editing tool before you send the image.

Draw and Add Text

You have three options for writing on the image: a brush, a pen, and a text box. Use all three to get your message across.

Add Arrows and Boxes

Further clarify your message by adding boxes and arrows to highlight important areas of the image.

Edit Color

Control the color of text and other graphics you add to your screenshot to ensure that your recipient sees and understands your notes.

Blur Sensitive Information

Hide information using the blurring tool. Draw a box over the info you want to obscure, then click one button to blur it out. It couldn’t be simpler.

Near Universal 5-Star Reviews

Gmail Screenshot has almost universal 5-Star ratings from users who’ve downloaded it in Chrome.

Installs in Seconds

You can easily install Gmail Screenshot in seconds from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, the tool will be seamlessly embedded into your Gmail or G Suite email account.

100% Free Plan Available to Everyone

Gmail Screenshot is 100% free for anyone using Gmail or a business email hosted by G Suite. For a few dollars a month, you can upgrade to unlock premium features (save to Google Drive, Dropbox, track clicks, email and phone support).

How Are People Like Me Using Gmail Screenshot?

Send Design Feedback

Need a quick and easy way to tell your designers what you think of their latest submission? You can quickly add comments on a screenshot of the image they submitted, then send it to them for revision.

Save Notes on Drafts

If you’re collaborating or reviewing a document, you can quickly send thoughts and feedback with visual aids by annotating a screenshot.

Prep Images for Publication

If you’re writing a how-to article, there’s nothing better than making quick annotations to screenshots. Hide sensitive information and call attention to what’s important with a few clicks.